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On behalf of the Lyon family, thank you again for showering them with Christ’s love during this difficult time. The family continues to be blessed by the love and support they have received.

Thanks to the kind generosity of the Body of Christ, the Lyon’s immediate needs, including furnished temporary housing and many items of clothing, have been met. At this time, North Belt would like to encourage each of you to join us in helping provide for their future by rebuilding their home.

While all item donations are appreciated and needed, the greatest need is for the funds, equipment, tools, and labor to begin construction on their property. The devastation from the fire was horrific, as all structures, their 15 passenger van, and animals were lost. Items may be brought to North Belt Baptist Church on Sundays and will be dispersed directly to the Lyon family.

Suggested Donation List

Cash or Check Donations Please mail your donation to North Belt Baptist Church, 7534 Old North Belt Drive, Humble, TX 77396. Check and cash donations are tax deductible. Please put “Lyon Family Fund” in the memo field of your check.

Items for David
Shirts – 17 1/2, 34-35 arm length
Pants/Jeans – 34×34
Shoes – Size 11

Items for Kathy
Cato gift cards to replace skirts/tops

Items for Brittany (age 25)
Shirts – Size large
Skirt Size – 14
Shoe Size – 9 1/2
Miscellaneous – Brittany enjoys old books, such as classics.

Items for Jonathan (age 21)
Shirts – 16 1/2, 34-35″ arm length
Pants/Jeans – 34×34
Shoe Size – 13

Items for Ben (age 17)
Shirts – 16, 16 1/12″ 36″ arm length
Pants/Jeans – 34×38
Shoe Size – 14, 15
Socks – Extra large
Miscellaneous – Ben is also in need of college test prep books (CLEP, etc)

Items for Christian (age 15)
Shirts – 16, 34″ arm length
Pants/Jeans – 30×34
Shoe Size – 11 1/2

Items for Nathan (age 13)
Shirts – 16, 34″ arm length
Pants/Jeans – 30×34
Shoe Size – 12

Items for Jordan (age 11)
Shirts – 12, 14
Shoe Size – 7 1/2, 8
Miscellaneous – Legos

Items for Justin (age 9)
Shirts – 10, 12
Shoe Size – 4 1/2, 5 1/2
Miscellaneous – Legos

Items for Glory (age 6)
Shirts – 7, 8
Shoe Size – 1, 2
Miscellaneous – Legos

Items for Xan (age 3)
Shirts – 4T
Shoe Size – 11, 12
Miscellaneous – Children’s books

Miscellaneous Items
- Construction tools (hoes, shovels, rakes, etc.) (to be used soon in clean up and then beyond)
- Any other non-electrical or electrical tools (David lost all tools used in building)
- Use of a bulldozer or heavy equipment (or someone to operate theirs on the Lyon’s property)
- Laptop(s)
- Small fuel efficient vehicle
- Any photos that you have of any of the Lyons
- Endodontist
- Filing system (cabinet, files), scissors, tape, glue, stapler, hole puncher
- A nice hair cutting set

School Supplies
- Funds to replace home school curriculum at next month’s Texas Home School Coalition’s annual Southwest Convention and Family Conference
- Composition notebooks
- Pens
- Pencils
- Drawing paper
- Colored pencils
- Washable markers
- Wall map
- Globe
- Puzzles
- Games
- Flashcards
- Math manipulatives
- Books (school books, fiction, CLEP, etc.)

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